Port Stanley Terminal Rail Charters for Group Trips

Port Stanley Terminal Rail has been operating group charters safely for over 40 years on our trains. Both open and closed coaches are used for the scenic rides from the station next to the lift bridge in Port Stanley. All trains are operated with historic diesel locomotives that help reduce the costs of a train ride. Many of our crew are volunteers and enjoy the opportunity to entertain and inform you on your trip.

The railway line is over 11 km long (7 miles). From Port Stanley Northwards the tracks follow the valley of the Kettle Creek with a series of woodsy views. Along the way we pass the only other former L&PS station at Union, restored and complete with flag stop. This one time electric interurban railway was very popular with travelers from London and St. Thomas in years gone by. Much history of the London & Port Stanley Railway still exists with this short stretch operated for your enjoyment. Wild flowers grow in abundance along the track and are constantly changing from week to week throughout the season. As the train reaches the upper portion of the line passing by many homes back yards, we often find local children out to wave as the train passes by.

Special Events Trains;

Throughout the season we operate several special events trains. The Easter Egg Hunt Trains, Santa Express Trains and possibly others from time to time. For dates of operation and availability, click here to go to our special events page.

Our Murder Mystery trains are very popular with individuals and groups. Advance booking and reservations are required. Murder Mystery trains operate from the station in Port Stanley using our licensed 1937 coaches. The plots are played out by theatre group actors as the train travels over a portion of the line and returns to Port Stanley. Full roast beef dinner is served in the dinning car prior to departure.

Trip options;

  1. Groups riding one of our regular scheduled trains. This is the least expensive trip, but it is subject to the departure times posted and subject to random seating. Operating Schedule
  2. Trips using our regular equipment at a more convenient time. Most of these bookings take place in the a.m. so that the group can stop for lunch or shopping. We now offer catered dinner for these bookings in the dining car.
  3. Pickup and return to Parkside. Park your bus at Parkside (by Parkside school) and take the train to Port Stanley or Whytes Park and return to Parkside. Not available on regular scheduled trains. Also can be done as a one-way trip to Port Stanley or Whytes Park where your bus can pick you up. No one way fares however.
  4. The Little Red Caboose is available for birthday parties, and can hold up to 22-24 persons. Only on regular scheduled trains. Popular with children.
  5. Special charters of the Special Event Trains may be available at certain times for groups.
  6. The Entertainment & Sky Dome Dinner Train. Fully licensed vintage coaches for the biggest and the best party. Just great for weddings, large family outings or corporate meetings. Bookings for groups for a catered dinner on the coach and a ride on one of our regular scheduled trains can be arranged at lower cost. Call the agent for options.

To Book a trip or get more information please call our station at 519-782-3730. Call station manager Alan Oliver to book a trip or contact us here.

PSTR Passenger Equipment
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